Travel Blog – What to Pack?

Travel Blog – What to Pack?

There are lists for this everywhere in travel magazines and some camping apps have lists you can print out. Ill keep it really simple for you: every person travelling has struggled with this at one point or another. Many travellers will tell you about how many times they have diverted plans to go back via their storage and dump stuff off. This would be for weight or because they find in realistic terms – ‘nice to have‘ doesn’t mean ‘need to have’, as my father used to say. Everyone packs too much, just in case.

Read my blog about weight – then lay out what you want to take and weigh it in a box, or five…. Then live out of those boxes for at least two weeks at home… you will quickly find lots arent needed. Do make sure though, that you have cold weather gear, even if you leave in summer, many places I have needed ski gear to keep warm (like Tassie in summer or WA south in winter).

Same thing goes for utensils, cooking pots, tools, books, fishing gear … What ever your passion or craft, you can really do it with less and you will be glad you are not squished into a cabin you past comfortable in a 100kms before.

I have heard of some that put a red dot on everything they take, then as they use it, they take the dot off – and the lucky item gets to stay on board during the next cull.

Maybe you heard the rule of ‘everything must have two uses to remain on board’ Lucky I’m multi-skilled? I actually agree with this one in part… you will in the course of travelling find that many things are useful for more than one thing. Like the broom – obviously sweeping up, but great for scooting the water into the drain hole in the shower, also fab for wrapping a chux around the head and using to wipe the underside of the awning for dirt and marks, then it works a treat for getting the cob webs from up in the corners inside and out. My griddle pan is designed by Jamie Oliver for the perfect steak, but I find it cooks the best toast! Im sure now you get the picture, see how many uses you can find for each item. I started with over 15kg of tools, and now have under 2kg.

What is my most essential item to take? (been asked more than once) – its easy: MOISTURISER

You are suddenly in the elements and it dries your skin, so moisturiser is critical, and I would say GOOD sunscreen. There of course are many other things I wouldn’t be without – like cable ties, linen gaffa tape, plenty of fuses, good music on a USB – and my own portaloo … but that’s another story.

People often ask what’s it like to live permanently on the road? Don’t you miss stuff? Well its great, and yes, of course you miss some things while you are busy experiencing new things. If you are not sure if its for you: then borrow a rig or tent, or use your garden shed. Put everything in you will need for a month, and then live in it at home, not allowed to go into the house … this is the quickest way to emulate what its like to be away from your amenities, not be able to pop to the shop or have take away delivered… I think you will know in a few days if its for you, and then when you go, those incredible views and wide open spaces, meeting loads of great people will make your day, every day.

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